A lab report on bacterial genetics and bacteria plates observation

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sample 6a transformation lab

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sample 6a transformation lab

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Investigation: Bacteria

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What color are the elements. In addition they also had a very obvious colony that covered the majority of the social. Post-Lab Report S Used in the Laboratory Activity Web Resources S Bacterial Transformation bacteria take up exogenous (foreign) DNA and produce the genetic products (proteins) performing The Transformation Lab activity using the Maryland Loaner Lab must first complete the.

The materials needed for this lab were 2 sterile test tubes, μL of ice cold M CaCl2, E. coli bacteria cultures, a sterile inoculating loop, a sterile micropipette, 10 μL of pAMP solution, a timer, ice, a water bath, μL of Luria broth, a spreading rod, 4 plates: 2 ampicillin+ and 2 ampicillin –.

Biology 3B Laboratory Cultural Characteristics of Bacteria Page 3 of 7 Part B: Microscopic examination of various bacteria The type of cell wall that a bacterium has can be determined by utilizing various staining techniques.

Restriction Digestion and Analysis of Dna Bacterial Transformation Lab Report. Cell Division Lab. AP Biology Lab Four: Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis pGLO Transformation Lab Introduction: Genetic transformation is a change caused by genes, involving the insertion of a gene into +pGLO bacteria on a plate with LB/amp/ara will grow and 5/5(10).

label plates, invert them and incubate at 37°C for 2 days. Use of any section of this Lab Manual without the written consent of Dr.

Eby Bassiri, Dept. of Biology, University of Pennsylvania is strictly prohibited. Do not incubate plates for more than the given time since this will allow contaminating bacteria and fungi to arise.

Follow all directions for post-lab clean-up. Using gloves, collect all petri dishes, disposable pipets and tubes and immerse in a 10% bleach solution for 20 minutes or more to kill all bacteria.

A lab report on bacterial genetics and bacteria plates observation
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