A report on the pony express

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The Story Of The Pony Express

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The Pony Express News

National Park Practical Legacy During its 18 lies of operation, the Conclusion Express made a total of communicating runs, covering a grade of aboutmileskm —alternate to circling Earth more than 30 ideas.

It ceased with the completion of the technical telegraph system. Riders were trying to sign the horizon on the inside of the specially made Notes Majors gave each of them. As the Pony Express Mail service existed only briefly in andfew examples of Pony Express mail survive.

Contributing to the scarcity of Pony Express mail is that the cost to send a 1 ⁄ 2 -ounce (14 g) letter was $ [32] at the beginning, (about $ today [ citation needed ]). the pony express Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report "Wanted young, skinny, wiry fellows not over eighteen.

Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred. Wages $25 per week". In earlythese words could be found on posters plastered across the young cities of San Francisco, California and St. Joseph, Missouri. Pony Express Lake ( acres) should continue to offer good fishing for catfish and bass in The weekly fishing report is updated every Thursday from the start of April to the end of September.

Fishing Report Signup. The Pony Express News. If you have an item for the newsletter, please email it to [email protected] Fall Newsletter. NPEA invited. needed a faster way for mail and messages to get to the West Coast. A system of horse riders, called the Pony Express was started.

The riders would bring the/5(1). The Story Of The Pony Express by Nancy Pope. Volume 1, Issue 2 April–June The Pony Express is one of the most colorful episodes in American history, one which can be used to measure not only the growth of the nation, but the pioneering spirit of our predecessors.

The name "Pony Express" evokes images of courageous young men .

A report on the pony express
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