A report on the sport of sporting clays

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Sporting clays

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Shoot Report Forms

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What is FITASC Sporting?

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What is FITASC Sporting?

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Sadness and costs My host, Mercy Scharman, a local businesswoman and stifling sporting clays competitor, not only hosted my boy, but provided some valuable instruction for this newbee, in what it takes to get saw in the sport:. Similar to golf, sporting clays rounds are shot on courses, no two of which are the same.

Also similar to golf’s individual holes to play, a sporting clays course has “stations,” where again no two will be the same. Indeed, a sporting clays course setup is only limited by the imagination of course designer and the surrounding terrain.

This public shooting facility offers supervised rifle and handgun ranges. It also includes sporting clays, 5-stand, trap, an air rifle range, and an elevated archery range. The range was built by the FWC and funded by the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR). Additional support and.

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Sign up is free of charge. Sporting Clays is a rewarding sport and a lot of fun. You get to shoot a lot, what you learn is transferrable to hunting, and it’s a perfect excuse to get out into the woods on a nice day.

More than 3 million people of all ages shoot Sporting Clays. Newsletter Signup. Sign up to receive email updates. You will be able to choose from many different topics to receive the news you want to know about.

Florida is fortunate to have a lot of sporting venues.

why Sporting Clays is one of America’s fastest growing sports.

We hope they all do well financially, and that the sport continues to grow. Blackjack Sporting Clays County Road Sumterville, Florida () Addendum: The the Blackjack Open (1/24/18) gun racks and seating were placed at each shooting stand.

A report on the sport of sporting clays
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Deep River Sporting Clays Course