Condamine river fresh water report

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Condamine River drainage sub-basin

By Ken Smith | 22 August In a couple of hours the river had become too muddy for lures and I hunted up some fresh water shrimp and went bobbing the logs. Condamine River in Queensland is now firmly on my yearly itinerary!

Fresh flows in Condamine River make for quality fishing

Report: The Condamine cod trail. but now they were managers of a large cattle producing property which had the Condamine River flowing through its centre.

In a couple of hours the river had become too muddy for lures and I hunted up some fresh water shrimp and went bobbing the logs. Reports of gas seeps in river There have been reports of methane seeps in the Condamine River — located near Chinchilla in southwest Queensland — sincetriggering a series of investigations.

THE Condamine River is flowing fresh after recent rain, bringing with it some quality fish for local anglers.

Condamine River drainage sub-basin

Fresh flows in Condamine River make for quality fishing We received reports of. The development of this report was supported by the Intergovernmental Agreement on Implementing Water Reform in the Condamine River basin vii Water quality targets for the protection of the Aquatic Ecosystem Environmental Value Water quality targets for fresh water-dependent ecosystems (moderately disturbed aquatic.

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Condamine river fresh water report
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