Destination development in tourism

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This text explores the role of tourism as a potential contibutor to socio-economic development in destination areas.

Tourist Destinations and Development of Tourism in India

Establishing a link between tourism studies and development studies, it considers what is meant by development, the processes through which development may be achieved and, in particular, a number of fundamental issues related to the use of tourism as a development agent.5/5(5).

Despite its unstable characteristics, ’destination’ is a central and meaningful term in play among all parties in the field of tourism, including tourists, tourism operators, and politicians, as well as students and tourism scholars. Previous article in issue: The value of natural resources for tourism: a case study of the Italian Alps Previous article in issue: The value of natural resources for tourism: a case study of the Italian Alps Next article in issue: Mapping landscape values and development preferences: a method for.

Tourism Development Strategies, SWOT analysis and improvement of Albania’s image. By Msc. 1Eriketa Vladi Abstract Albania has a range of historical, natural and cultural potentials. The marketing strategies factors that may transform Albania into an authentic tourism destination are presented.

Asia coastal destination development earthquake, tsunami and weather

Welcome to Ullapool in the Highlands of Scotland, on NC route and the ferry to Stornoway. By doing so, this article deepens and extends existing discourse surrounding power, politics, and tourism destination development by providing new insights into the patterns of stakeholder power dominance, subservience, and decline in a tourism destination.

Destination development in tourism
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