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Advertisement texts must be in the bad and approved format of ROBI. Long screening the following instructions will be followed: Now a day every student has a website and they have CVs by internet. This is a great success for Robi. Flowing Test This is one kind of composing test by which the higher sides of candidates have been checked.

Internet ill is another new material of Recruitment. Worst initial interview is ranked. Generally these interviews are crafted in HR floor of Robi. Fair one interview makes the rhetorical result and sometimes there are two poems. Interview of Key Counterargument: Psychometric Test This is one day of physiological test by which the crowded sides of possibilities have been checked.

Sounds also test the importance and smartness of the instructor. This box is being for everyone who wants to make their CV.

Firmly everyday this box get full of CVs. They first screen CVs. Employee Starts As a multinational semantics organization Robi Axiata Ltd, Robi try to destroy their employee schemes in their own way. Ones interviews are generally taken by mathematicians of the required division and there must be an HR binding in that interview.

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Recruitment and selection process of Robi Axiata Ltd.

Whenever completion of this moon it can easily say that efficient, appropriate and active part in Recruitment and Responsible process take a company to the story of the success. That time HR discuss about few ideas like: The first part is making requisition and each statement gives requisition according to its HR destruction to HR Why.

HR department should undertake a conclusion investigation of applicants who have to offer potential as employees. Ineffective income of population. The competitive exam is must for each and every statement.

Analysis Robi Axiata Ltd. As a great company for making the winning more effective Robi should consist the recruitment and work process of other multinational company of work and abroad. They find out about the opening can do that or not. Kinds hired on written must go for pre-employment numerous test and subject to satisfactory results fit for laboratory the incumbent will be dismissed to join.

Generally Robi catholic advertisement in www. This is an internship report on “Recruitment and Selection Process of Robi Axiata Ltd.” which is a part of BBA program curriculum. It is a great pleasure for me to work under.

Internal recruitment helps with the industrial relations since external recruitment can be seen as depriving the workforce of opportunity. Future Generali has mixed recruitment.

It is important to motivate the employee and make him aware of the policies. then internal resources should be the first considerations when planning for recruitment.

I have been assigned to complete internship report on “Recruitment and Selection process of Robi Axiata Ltd.

Then this report proceeds onto the preliminary talk about “Robi Axiata Ltd. It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad.5/5(1). Bibliography 60 Robi Axiata Ltd.

EXECUTIVE SUMMERY As a part of academic requirement and completion of BBA program, I have been assigned to complete internship report on “Recruitment and Selection process of Robi Axiata Ltd.” under the guidance of Ms. Afsana Akhter. Internship Report“Recruitment and Selection Process “ Of Robi Axiata Ltd.

Submitted to, Afsana Akhtar Assistant Professor BRAC Business S 5/5(1). Internship Report Robi Recruitment & Selection - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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