Is love worth preserving

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Heritage worth preserving? Benidorm seeks Unesco world heritage status

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The preserve has more than 7 miles of trails, some universally accessible, and plenty to see. There is a debate in the community as to whether the smoke stack has now become a part of the city’s history worth preserving or a reminder of a this is something that we love or we hate.’.

This essay focuses on personal love, or the love of particular persons as such. Part of the philosophical task in understanding personal love is to distinguish the various kinds of personal love.

Preserving Spring: Spicy Pickled Asparagus

In the report Historic Neighborhood Schools in the Age of Sprawl: Why Johnny Can't Walk to School, the National Trust for Historic Preservation offered recommendations to help school districts and communities make wise choices when answering the "Prehistoric or worth preserving?".

Sunday, May 15, Today's New York Times Magazine is devoted entirely to the subject of preserving modernism. James Traub's introduction, "The Towering Problem" says, "It's hard to preserve what you do not love.".

Apr 23,  · Why Preserving History Matters Most people believe that the Library of Alexandria was either sacked by invaders or destroyed by religious zealots. The reality is far more tragic.

Is love worth preserving
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Six Practical Reasons to Save Old Buildings | National Trust for Historic Preservation