Latest report on water and wastewater

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Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report

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Open Are organic products nationally free of pesticide residues?. This annual report details the results of a statewide survey of water and wastewater rates and rate structures conducted by New Hampshire and the Environmental Finance Center in Residential and non-residential drinking water and wastewater rates and rate structures are analyzed for local government and non-governmental water.

RUS Loan Rates. Interest rates for Rural Development Utilities Service (RDUS) water and wastewater loans--issued quarterly at three different levels: the poverty line rate, the intermediate rate and the market rate--have been announced.

Water Recycling

Biosolids that meet federal and state standards can be used on land to improve soil damaged by improper management. Learn more. Electronic reporting requirements will modernize reporting for municipalities and other facilities.

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Water and Wastewater Technical Reports Energy Analysis Reports & Studies; West Valley Documents and Reports; New York Clean Energy Industry Report Energy Conservation Through Watershed Management for Drinking Water Supply # New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the City University of New York.

Report on Water Workforce Provides New Data on Challenges, Opportunities WEF also maintains the Job Bank, a continually updated site with new employment listings for careers in wastewater, including water and wastewater management, operations, consulting engineering, and other career paths in water quality.

Latest report on water and wastewater
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International Water Management Institute (IWMI) : A water-secure world