Master narrative

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It is not that I widely disagree with this professor, but I think it is a very stereotypical long on Canadians. Some examples of master narratives (or “metanarratives”) might be Enlightenment, or Progress, in the sense that those are some of modern Western society’s aims, and art, design, philosophy, etc.

all work more or less together to contribute to these master narratives.


The opposite of the master narrative are local narratives. Master narrative is a concept that describes the overall ‘story’ of an event or occurrence.

They are the base where all other stories branch out of, and conduct the way different ideological groups think, feel, act and what they believe in. The Master Narrative: The Popular, but Problematic Memory of the Civil Rights Movement. Many people in the U.S. seem to think there is some magical date when the nation achieved victory over racism.

Jennifer Frost history”—codified as a master narrative—for simplifying, truncating, and mischaracterizing key aspects of the movement.3 yet, as i discovered when I first began teaching civil rights history, students still bring this.

The master narrative of a good family man, hard-working and heterosexual, who nevertheless commits sexual abuse is harder to accept, even in profoundly Catholic Ireland, than the narratives of abuse committed by members of the clergy.

Understanding master narratives can be the difference between analytic anticipation and unwanted surprise, as well as the difference between communications successes and messaging gaffes.

What is the Master Narrative?

Master narratives are the historically grounded stories that reflect a community’s identity and experiences.

Master narrative
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