Norwegian bomb and shooting massacre report

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2011 Norway attacks

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Breivik listens as witnesses recall

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Anders Behring Breivik

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Anders Breivik massacre: Norway’s worst nightmare He got changed beside the bomb. Off came Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Puma. Victims of the shooting spree he went on next, on Utøya island.

Psych analysis finds Norway massacre suspect sane. New exam reverses initial finding, shows Breivik, who has confessed to bomb and shooting rampage, not criminally insane.

Apr 20,  · A mass murderer responsible for killing 77 people in Norway just won part of a human-rights case against the government a bomb in Oslo and then went on a shooting spree on a nearby island in. Scale of massacre at summer camp on island becomes clear after police discover more victims of Norwegian gunman Published: 22 Jul Norway attack: at least 80 die in Utøya shooting, seven in.

Norway mass killer Anders Behring Breivik claims self-defense in bomb-and-shooting massacre Accused Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik gestures as he arrives at the courtroom April 16,in Oslo. Breivik listens as witnesses recall "war zone" after bombing Breivik admits to the bombing and a subsequent shooting massacre at a Labor Party youth camp that left 69 people dead, most of them.

Norwegian bomb and shooting massacre report
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Breivik listens as witnesses recall "war zone" after bombing - CBS News