Report on brain drain in pakistan

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Brain drain from developing countries: how can brain drain be converted into wisdom gain?

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Brain drain: 7m Pakistanis have exited country in last 5 years

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In this report we conducted the research process on the topic of “BRAIN DRAIN”. We undertook the preparation of this report with the conviction that from past few decades there is a tremendous increase in the rate of brain drain in countries. The Pakistani Brain Drain Faraz Hasan in Pakistan, Recent Posts November 25, 5 Comments 15, Views Pakistan is a country blessed with talented individuals who excel in various walks of life both locally and internationally.

Brain drain is defined as the migration of health personnel in search of the better standard of living and quality of life, higher salaries, access to advanced technology and more stable political conditions in different places worldwide. Brain Drain From Pakistan - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

It simply defines the mass emigration of technically skilled people from Pakistan to another country. Brain-drain is also termed as “human capital flight” because it resembles the case of capital flight/5(3).

• Brain drain is the large-scale migration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge. Pakistan is developing country. In Pakistan there is so much talent in every walk of life, the only need is to make use of that talent so that, that talent can help in making the progress.

Brain Drain from Pakistan

Inin a report titled "Nature and Extent of Corruption in the Public Sector", Transparency International (TI) Pakistan reported that the highest amounts of bribery were spent on people affiliated with the judiciary.

Report on brain drain in pakistan
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Brain drain from developing countries: how can brain drain be converted into wisdom gain?