Samsung electronics sustainability report 2012 green

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Samsung Electronics to Expand Use of Renewable Energy

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/ Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report / 3 Green Management Vision and Mid-term Goals Vision and Slogan Our green management strategy enables us to grow sustainably and invest in the future of both humanity and nature.

Key Sustainability Issues in the Electronics Industry: Sustainability Industry Report

Samsung Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and initiatives are facilitated through the Sustainability Management Council, which consists of 14 related departments that handle issues from 10 different areas, including society and the environment.

Social Responsibility. At the heart of nearly every experience where people connect with technology, we unlock human capital to create a collaborative culture that drives innovation for good, creating opportunities for everyone to live a fuller life in a connected world.

Introducing Sustainability Report. This is LG Electronics’ 12th Sustainability Report. It is our sincere goal to become the world’s best electronics manufacturer; to us, that means growing into the industry’s most innovative corporate and finding unlimited ways to enrich people’s lives. Samsung C&T's CSR Report The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report highlights key economic, environmental, and social performance results and also details our CSR management initiatives to our external stakeholders.

Sustainability Report MB PDF DOWNLOAD; Green Management Repo MB PDF DOWNLOAD; EHS Report MB PDF DOWNLOAD; Samsung Electronics has updated and revised the ‘Business Conduct Guidelines’ that provide a specific direction for sustainable management, published for the first time in last year’s Sustainability.

Samsung electronics sustainability report 2012 green
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