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Whitney Houston

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Estate-Sanctioned Whitney Houston Documentary Sets Summer Release Date

In his defeat The Big Show:. Michael Masser and Clive Davis first heard Whitney Houston Whitney houston this track in a New York club.

Davis recalled, "Whitney sang the song with such fervor, with such a natural vocal gift, with such passion, that I was stunned.I knew really right then and there that this was a special talent and I.

“Whitney,” a documentary detailing the life and career of singer and actress Whitney Houston, will make its United States debut on July 6, Roadside Attractions presidents Howard Cohen and Eric.

Whitney Houston was born on August 9,in what was then a middle-income neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. She was the daughter of Army serviceman and entertainment executive John Russell Houston, Jr.

(September 13, – February 2, ), and gospel singer Emily "Cissy" (Drinkard) Houston. Mar 10,  · The greatest love of all. By whitney. Powerful song. Sung at the Grammys Long time =) I believe the children are our are future Teach them. Houston's debut album, Whitney Houston, was released in February Its first single, "Someone for Me," was a flop, but the second try, "You Give Good Love," became Houston's first hit, topping the R&B chart and hitting number three on the Hot Whitney Houston: Classic Whitney - All the latest news, information, tour dates, sights and sounds plus the top Whitney Houston discussion forum!

Whitney houston
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