Winterbourne view hospital report

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Stafford Hospital scandal

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Winterbourne View: Care workers jailed for abuse

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Sift Lopresti MP said:. The government is set to publish a report into the lessons learned following patient abuse at a private hospital near Bristol. The report, Transforming Care: A National Response to Winterbourne View Hospital, follows a Serious Case Review which described numerous examples of ill-treatment and abuse at the hospital, as well as a repeated failure of management and other authorities to intervene.

The Department of Health (DH) has published its final report into the events at Winterbourne View hospital and has set out a programme of action to transform services so that vulnerable people no.

Winterbourne View hospital abuse

The Department of Health (DH) has published its final report into the events at Winterbourne View hospital and has set out a programme of action to transform services so that vulnerable people no.

Transforming care: a national response to Winterbourne View Hospital was commissioned by the Department of Health in England. The report is a response to a BBC Panorama television documentary that aired in May and raised alarm over the care of patients at a private hospital in Bristol. A timeline of how the abuse scandal at the Winterbourne View private hospital near Bristol unfolded.

Winterbourne view hospital report
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